A collection of recent reviews by leading industry doctors who work with our products

“I have used Magik Thread for six or seven person until now, and I must give a new order next week.”

Dott. Renato Italy

“This is a comment from a patient who had four of Magik Threads. Result of lifting is fantastic and this is only the second day! Very happy we tried this. And we will add a few more gradually.”

Dr. Vincent UK

“Excellent threads! I have waited to use them so I can give a correct and real feedback, helping the other buyers. The communication as perfect as the all order I have make from Dermax. Will buy again for sure.”

Dr. Schinol Germany

“This is the second order from this seller. The items that I ordered were of the best quality. My dermatologist assured me. I will continue to order because of the good quality and their service. In 3 days I have received the product. I recommend Magik Thread from Dermax.”

Dr. Meletis Greece

“Thank you sooooooo much!! I love it!! Much better than ** it’s not lumpy and my lips are so much fluffier and soft!! Aqua Secret is the best!”

Dr. Deanna USA

“All arrived in perfect condition and quickly, thanks!I am impressed by the quality of the packaging and also the syringe, etc.”

Julie Distributor in UK

“I tried Aqua Secret today. I am very satisfied, great product! Very comparable to **. Thanks Dermax.”

Dr. Mann USA

“Aqua Secret HA, perfect!No swelling and easy to use, long lasting and smooth consistency”

Dr. Vacha Australia

“Efficient trade, honest corporation, good service and the most important is excellent treatment results!”

Dr. Hernandez  Spain